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A Statement by Civil Society at 5th Africa Water Week

posted 5 Jun 2014, 00:58 by Sekuma Peter

We, members of the African Civil Society Network on Water and Sanitation (ANEW) and other Civil Society Organisations (CSOs)  made up of  social movements, women organisations, and community Based Organisations have actively engaged in the conference discussions on "Placing Water at the Heart of the Post 2015 Development Agenda”.

CSOs have consistently maintained that the post-2015 framework provides a unique opportunity to address the various challenges that have left the Millennium Development Goals for Water and Sanitation unattainable in most of our countries. Lessons learned from our experiences on the implementation of the Sham El-Sheikh, EThekwini and SWA High Level Meeting commitments by our governments and other stakeholders are good pointers in shaping our thoughts and actions in our quest for a practicable post-2015 development framework.

At the heart of the post 2015 development framework there must be specific targets and indicators which ensure that the Human Right to Water and Sanitation is reached by enabling everyone to have sustainable access to WASH. We want to see an Africa where water, health and prosperity are afforded to everyone, not just those who can afford what so many now take for granted.

We therefore call for:

·         A dedicated water and sanitation goal within the post 2015 development framework aiming for universal access to these basic services with specific targets and indicators relating to hygiene

·         A development framework that is founded on strong governance principles, with clear and transparent reporting and accountability mechanisms and includes the participation of all stakeholders

·         Increased harmonisation and alignment of the various water and sanitation commitments and declarations to maximise their potential to firmly place water and sanitation at the heart of post 2015 development agenda

·         The water and sanitation goal to be accompanied with adequate resources to meet the targets that will be set and ensure we move from commitments to results on the ground

·         A development framework that prioritises reaching the poorest and most marginalised to significantly reduce inequalities in access and accelerate progress towards universal access to water and sanitation

·         Investments in the water and sanitation sector to be guided by the principles of affordability, accessibility, quality and sustainability

We, as civil society commit to:

·         Continue to mobilise resources and energy to support governments to prioritise water and sanitation and make concrete steps towards the implementation of commitments made

·         Monitor and follow-up on our government’s commitments to ensure leaders are held to account and services are delivered to those who remain unserved

·         Advocate on behalf of the poorest and most vulnerable to guarantee that the post 2015 framework places people at the heart of the goals and targets