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Aid effectiveness in the water and sanitation sector: policies, practices and perspectives

posted 16 Mar 2012, 03:11 by RCN Uganda

This paper examines the aid effectiveness agenda and reviews its implementation at international and various regional and county levels. The paper begins with a brief historical snapshot of the beginnings of the aid effectiveness agenda and how it had evolved over the years. It is followed by a discussion of the main mechanisms that deliver aid and how aid effectiveness had been put in practice in the water and sanitation sector. Highlighting the obstacles faced by the sector in making aid more effective, as well as on-going initiatives in rescuing the developmental potential of aid effectiveness, in this TOP, the writers offer preliminary insight into how the contours of the aid effectiveness agenda may be redefined to better suit the developmental needs of countries.

Written by Jeske Verhoeven, Erma Uytewaal and Jean de la Harpe, and reviewed by Catarina Fonseca, Paul van Koppen and Yaw Zakodie,

Down load a copy today http://www.irc.nl/top26

Source IRC.