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New Releases

posted 26 Oct 2011, 23:49 by RCN Uganda

IRC’s TOP 24 -- Adaptation of WASH services delivery to climate change (and other sources of risk and uncertainty) -- will be released on the IRC website early next week (www.irc.nl/top24). Written by Charles Batchelor, Stef Smits and AJ (Viju James), this TOP makes a contribution towards improving water governance policies and practice by demonstrating the need for the WASH sector to consider climate change adaptation in planning for and/or improving the resilience of WASH delivery systems.  A significant part of this TOP is also devoted to the presentation of existing methods and tools that may help WASH professionals and practitioners in managing risks and uncertainties linked to climate change.

 I am pleased to announce that IRC’s OP 26 – Life-cycle costs of rainwater harvesting – is now available on the WASHCost website: http://www.washcost.info/page/1533.  The same OP will be made available on the IRC website next week. 

 Written by Charles Batchelor, Catarina Fonseca and Stef Smits, this OP applies a life-cycle costs approach in comparing costs and levels of resilience between RWH systems and other water supply systems.  This OP concludes that: ‘(E)mphasis should be placed on demonstrating that rainwater harvesting provides value for money in terms of resilience, flexibility and level of service that is provided to users’ (for the complete web introduction, visit the WASHCost website at  http://www.washcost.info/page/1529).