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Report shows Uganda behind in Sanitation

posted 21 Feb 2013, 21:52 by Sekuma Peter

A new report by an international organization, WaterAid, shows that Uganda is still lagging behind on the reduction of people without sustainable access to basic sanitation.

Uganda, according to the report, has achieved only 34 per cent access to basic sanitation compared to the required 72 per cent by 2015. This means that more than half of the Ugandan population lack access to basic sanitation facilities.

Rwanda, one of the five African countries studied in the report, has achieved 64 per cent access to basic sanitation. However, the same report also indicates a steady progress that Uganda has achieved in access to clean and safe drinking water, which stands at 72 per cent. “Only four countries in the region are on track to achieve the MDG target and, on current trends, the target will not be met until well into the next century,” notes the report.