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The Paradox of Assuring Water Access, Utility and Purity in Uganda

posted 21 Mar 2013, 23:36 by Sekuma Peter   [ updated 21 Mar 2013, 23:39 ]
On 22nd March 2013, Uganda joins the rest of the World to celebrate World Water Day, whose theme this year is “Water Cooperation”. The theme seeks to enhance cooperation between individuals and states in the way national and trans-boundary water resources are utilized, managed and shared. It seeks to avail water from water endowed areas to water-stressed areas or communities.
It also seeks to encourage cooperation among communities and nations in financing/supporting projects that promote shared utility of water resources. It is interesting to note that every year, the theme of the World Water Day changes. It is not clear whether or not people stop and ask themselves if the previous year’s themes have been realized before embarking on a New Year Water Day theme. It would be important that as part of the World Water Day celebrations people take stock of the achievements made in the previous years as justification for the celebrations.
Whether or not there is indeed much to celebrate for Uganda this year’s World Water Day remains a matter of debate and probably just a matter of being part of the global event. Notwithstanding the diversity of opinion about whether or not Uganda participates in this year’s World Water Day, the issues of access to safe, clean, healthy and adequate water will continue to take centre stage of all discussions about sustainable use, development, management, cooperation and sharing of water resources.