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Uganda Excels In Water Coverage Sanitation

posted 5 Nov 2013, 23:44 by Sekuma Peter

By the end of the year 2015, countries shall be handing in their audits to see if they have met the set Millennium Development Goals [MDGs].

However, many countries in Africa, Asia and South America, are not likely to beat the deadline in a number of aspects including the access to water and sanitation, according to Geneva based Water Supply and Sanitation Collaboration Council [WSSCC].

The UN formed Council has been funding a project in 15 countries in Africa and Asia to help deliver the sanitation target.

 Out of the 15 countries WSSCC revealed on Wednesday, Uganda has emerged the overall best performer, exhibiting strong aptitude to meet the MDG come 2015.

 “With only   USD5Milion support fund to this project in Uganda, you have managed to achieve what took others 5 years to achieve, in only 18 months,” said WSSCC Chairperson Prof Anna Tibaijuka at a press conference in Kampala.

Tibaijuka, who also doubles as Tanzania’s Minister of Lands Housing and Human Settlement said that, at 68% clean water and sanitation coverage, Uganda was set to break the ranks and become an exception in the south of Sahara to meet the goal.

 “The USD 5Million has been basically to sensitize communities in 18 districts to take up the mantle of cleaning themselves, and we were humbled by the outcomes,” she said “And because of this, we are in town to announce to you that the support has now been doubled to USD10milion.”

  By press time Hon Tibaijuka was set to meet HE president Yoweri Museveni, whom she intended to encourage prioritization of people’s sanitation through such things as increased budget allocation and giving the field a whole Directorate in the Ministry of Health.

Uganda’s good performance was largely attributed to “strong government commitment, a highly advanced decentralization system – most impressive in sub Saharan Africa, and a constant government visibility at household level through village health teams, among others”