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Uganda to host meeting on "what makes sanitation and hygiene happen?"

posted 24 Apr 2014, 03:19 by Sekuma Peter   [ updated 24 Apr 2014, 04:45 ]

Network for Water and Sanitation -Uganda (NETWAS- U) in partnership with Stockholm Environmental Institute (SEI) conducted a research on comparison of the individual and household-level incentives for investing in sanitation facilities and proper sanitation and hygiene behaviors, including the use of human excreta and other animal wastes by households as fertilizers to grow food crops.

The research identified the reasons for the sanitation and hygiene choices that households make which need to be shared with a wider audience on how these practices can influence policy, monitoring, evaluation and involvement of the private sector.

 It’s against this back ground that NETWAS U in partnership with SEI and Water Aid Sweden are organizing a 2 day Multi-level Sanitation and hygiene policy and Practice meeting to share sanitation governance experiences at regional level. The objective of this meeting is to bring together sanitation and hygiene experts and decision-makers operating at different levels of society and playing different roles in the sector, to share experiences on factors and strategies that make sanitation happen.

Among the items on the program will be sharing of findings of the research by the three (03) countries of Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda, including a write shop.

The meeting is scheduled for 8th May 2014 for all the invited participants and a write shop on 9th May 2014 for only a selected number of participants, at City Royal Hotel opposite Shell Bugolobi.