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Women Told Embrace Hygiene And Sanitation

posted 29 May 2013, 00:20 by RCN Uganda
The state minister for primary health care, Ms. Sarah Achieng Opendi has counseled women in Tororo district to maintain hygiene and sanitation in their households if they are to effectively fight diseases caused by lack of hygiene.

While launching the rain water harvest project at Rubongi deliverance church in Rubongi Sub County, a project that was constructed with the support from Finland; Ms. Achieng told the residents to consider the project a solution to the clean water crisis in the region.

“I want to commend the church for coming up with this initiative because many homes still face a challenge of accessing safe water in the villages here. The government does not have the capacity to provide water to cover every corner in the country, so this is a blessing to the people of Tororo,” She said.

She also cautioned residents on safe usage in order to avoid contamination which would intern put their lives at a high risk of contracting water borne diseases.

“As beneficiaries, we need to observe hygiene to ensure that water remains safe right from the source to the drinking cup. You need to keep your utensils very clean to reduce germ infestations and sicknesses,” The Minister said.