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Project Resources

Project learning process Summary:

This  summary note documents the learning process during the two years of implementing LeaPPs. It details out the project rationale, objectives, gives insights into the conceptual roots and principles of the LeaPPs project and paints the learning and documentation approaches adopted.
It has been produced by Achiro Brenda NETWAS Uganda.  Reviewed by René van Lieshout and Valérie Bey both of IRC International Water and Sanitation Centre

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Project Results Summary Document:
This documents how the multi-stakeholder learning in LeaPPs made a difference by
  • Strengthening capacities and knowledge for effective sanitation and hygiene improvements
  • Prioritizing Sanitation and hygiene in districts

  •  Increasing information sharing and co-ordination

  • improving hygiene and sanitation transformation

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10 Oct 2011, 03:21
Micheal Jonga,
10 Oct 2011, 03:22