Learning Agenda

In this project the learning agenda focused on reflection on the effectiveness of the Resources centers in facilitating sector learning and how sector learning contributes to change in the sector.

The reflection was guided by 10 learning questions:


Learning question



To what extent do the learning initiatives of SAWA-NETWAS-IRC influence the achievement of sector learning in Uganda’s WASH sector?

·  Process documentation of sector learning experiences

·  IRC learning project partners workshop


What needs to be done by SAWA in order to achieve long term sector learning?

·  External consultancy


What are some of the modalities for joint learning by IRC and SAWA to improve learning processes in Uganda, and how can this been demonstrated?

·  Process documentation on sector learning experiences

·  IRC learning project partners workshop

·  Reflection meetings


How can IRC and SAWA link national learning in Uganda’s WASH sector to regional learning platforms?

·  Motivating bi-lateral meetings

·  Participation in regional platforms


How can IRC and SAWA motivate the sector (sub) working groups to become the national platforms of the thematic different learning alliances on e.g. rural sanitation; functionality of drinking water services, good WASH governance?

·  Process documentation sector working groups

·  SAWA learning workshop


How can SAWA or NETWAS or e.g. government structure facilitate/ensure that learning flows vertically between the national and district and even lower institutional levels?

·  Process documentation vertical learning flows

·  SAWA learning workshop


How can SAWA be made a vibrant and sustainable learning platform that meets the learning needs of the various interest groups in the WASH sector?

·  Interviews with stakeholders


Does sector learning translate into improvement in service delivery? How can we monitor the impact of learning on the WASH sector in Uganda?

·  Monitoring framework development


How best can SAWA achieve long term sector learning in Uganda (institutionalisation of SAWA)?

·  Consultancy and strategy development


How can WASH practitioners be motivated to document and share field experiences across the board?

·  Documentation of best operational practices