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District learning

Possible linkages of learning between district, national and sub county levels, modalities for scaling up of district-based learning and criteria for successful facilitation
Learning is a process of change that starts with stakeholder reflection on own or external experiences in order to improve their approaches, strategies, technologies and local policies leading to better service provision. In this particular study, stakeholder involves all categories of persons within a district; technocrats, politicians, private sector, beneficiaries, media etc. The WASH sector has to do better by doing things differently which implies change, therefore there is need for learning to realize this change.

Some districts succeed or perform well whereas others hardly progress, the more reason to learn from the successes to help others also improve. In an effort to enrich learning within the district, between the district and sub county, and between the district and national levels, IRC together with NETWAS felt it worthwhile to conduct this study, whose findings will be used by the sector; national stakeholders, District Local Government and Non Government Organizations to inform related learning initiatives in the sector.

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