Water supply

Water quality standards:

This document lists the approved water chemical, physical and bacteriological quality standards in the WASH sector. It is was developed by the Ministry of Water and Environment

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Uganda water Atlas

The Water Supply Atlas has been prepared to provided stakeholders with good knowledge and information on matters concerning the safe water supply coverage, functionality and distribution. The Water Supply Atlas files are presented as a national report and one report per district. The national report is divided into Introduction, Explanatory notes and National summary report. The baseline survey was carried out in 2009/2010 and published in February 2011.

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Community Resource Book.

This Community Resource Book (CRB) contains information about community safe water supply, improved hygiene and sanitation practices in Uganda. It provides information about how community members (users) can get improved water sources, how to operate and maintain them, and also how to improve the hygiene and sanitation conditions in their households and communities.

The Community Resource Book guides users on where to get more information and support to enable them to improve their water supply, hygiene and sanitation. It explains what is required from the community members and local leaders as well as what other agencies and organizations can contribute to provide safe water and assist communities in improving hygiene practices and sanitation in their households.

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Spring protection

This construction manual has been prepared for use by technicians, engineers and supervisors in the protection or capping of springs as a point safe water source. It describes the development and protection of springs sources and construction using stone masonry; construction using other materials like bricks, concrete blocks etc would follow similar procedures.

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Self Help

Investigating Options for Self-help Water Supply

This field note outlines the findings of an investigation into experiences of self-help water supply improvements in Uganda. It makes recommendations on how water supply professionals can best engage with communities to achieve sustainable supplies, briefly describing a recently-started pilot project supporting self-supply options.

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Roof Water harvesting

This is an end of project report for the Domestic Roofwater Harvesting Pilot Project implemented in the sub-counties of Bukanga and Isingiro1 in Mbarara

district and in Sheema South, Bushenyi district by Ankole Diocese and Agency for Cooperation in Research and Development respectively. The project commenced in June 2004 and ended in December 2005. The project duration was one year but owing to a number of constraints, it was extended to December 2005 to enable the implementing NGOs to complete Rainwater tank constructions.

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Shallow well construction

This manual describes a step by step procedure for shallow well construction. It covers siting, design, drilling and testing.

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